Brand introduction

Huatian Meijin is a brand of Zhongrou Daily Use. It was established at the end of 2017. The series of products include COTTON series cotton sanitary napkins, women's private parts care wipes, lemon fruit series pH5.5 baby diapers, and infant hand-mouth bamboo fiber wipes. product. The LOGO of Hanada Beauty Skin Care Wipes consists of 4 regular English "HUA TIAN MEI JI" and 4 Chinese characters of the brand name. The combination of Chinese and English represents that the brand has international quality standards that can cater to and adapt to international markets At the same time, it also means that the brand series products have better advanced technical support and support than foreign countries.

90% of adult women in China suffer from different degrees of gynecological diseases, and about 70% of them are caused by poor quality sanitary napkins. Women have to use about 12,600 sanitary napkins in their lives. In recent years, they have exposed negative news such as carcinogens, carcinogen abuse, black heart cotton, and illegal additives. health. Adhering to its strong social responsibility and corporate mission, Guangzhou Zhongrou Company devotes itself to the development of a 100% natural cotton sanitary napkin, which is the Zhongrou Huatian beautiful skin COTTON series sanitary napkin.
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