Development History

Initial stage of founded in 2014

        March,2014: Guangzhou Zhongrou Consume Products Co., Ltd. was established.

          June ,2014: The birth of the brand of GIFT diapers.

          November 2014: Foshan production factory was established.

Operations start in 2015

          June 2015 : The birth of the small hippo diaper brand.

          November 2015: The birth of the bird diaper brand.

          December 2015: Sales exceeded 30 millions.

          December 2015: Increased two production lines for ring waist diapers.

Little success in 2016

          June 2016: Add an integrated pull-pants production line.

          October 2016: The daisy diaper brand was born and entered the micro-commerce channel.

2017 is stable & mature

          March 2017: Daisy diapers participated in the microexpo.

          June 2017: The company participated in the charity donation meeting of ZhuZhou Children's Welfare Institute.

          October 2017: Sales exceeded 120 millions.

          October 2017: National cooperation stores exceeded 10,000.

          November 2017: JiangXi branch was put into operation.

          November 2017: The company won the honor of AAA credit enterprise & consumer trustworthy enterprise.

          December 2017: Held the annual meeting of the anniversary celebration of "Birth for Love and Love for the Future".

Work hard to innovate in 2018

       January 2018: HuaTianMeiJi  sanitary napkin brand was born & entered the micro-commerce channel.

          January 2018: The new retail division of  HuaTianMeiJi Sanitary Napkin was established.

          March 2018: Lan Ju won the Top Ten Most Influential Wechat Brands in China.

          September 2018: Introduced a new generation of full-servo large-loop waist diaper production line.

          September 2018: Hanada beautiful skin diaper brand was born.

          September 2018: The company won the national benchmark enterprise of quality and integrity, the national leader in quality of maternal and infant products and service industry, the national quality and integrity  .

          September 2018: The caressing and olive chrysanthemum brands won the national leading brand in maternal and child products and service industry, and the national quality inspection stable and qualified products.

          November 2018: CCTV ingenuity column group settled in Zhongrou daily production base for program shooting.

          October 2018: Newly launched Gift pH5.5 series diapers.

          October 2018: HTMJ signed a contract with WeiShang Commune, creating brilliant results.

          November 2018: Introduction of a fully automated two-piece pull-pants production line.

Don't forget your initial heart in 2019

       January 2019: HTMJ skin baby swim trunks hit the market.

、       March 2019: HTMJ Skin Medical Antipyretic Patch is launched.

          March 2019: ZhongRou SVO light luxury brand was born.

          March 2019: The company won the national top 100 quality integrity benchmarking enterprise, national product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprise,National leading enterprise in quality of maternal & infant products and services.

          March 2019: Caress, olive chrysanthemum, HTMJ skin diapers, toddler pants, diapers, wet wipes,HTMJ Sanitary Napkin won the national quality inspection and stable qualified product.

          April 2019: SVO Ice Muscle Clear Protective Spray is launched.

          April 2019: An Apple Industry Co., Ltd. in Jiangxi (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongrou Holding) passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
          May 2019:Zhongrou's "Craftsman's Softness" documentary has been broadcasted jointly by 300 TV stations nationwide, and has been broadcasted for about 1,000 times.
          July 2019: The company is invited to participate in the 2019 China CBME Maternity, Infant & Child Exhibition.
          2019.08:August 2019: HTMJ skin sanitary napkins and diapers brands merge.

Go ahead in 2020

          February 2020: Prevention and control of epidemic situation, Jiangxi factory added 12 mask production lines (3 high-speed KN95 mask production lines, 7 adult disposable mask production lines & 2 children's disposable mask production lines)