Diaper brand introduction
       The chrysanthemum diaper is one of the brands of Guangzhou Zhongrou Commodity Co., Ltd. The series of products include the chrysanthemum diaper NB code (newborn), the chrysanthemum natural gentle diaper, the natural gentle diaper, the gentle 0-sensitive diaper and the chrysanthemum Four types of natural gentle pull-up pants, mainly promoting micro-commerce channels. The products use hot-air composite bottom film, imported (three major Ya, Sumitomo) high-molecular absorption materials SAP supplied by the world's top 500 companies, and are produced in the latest three-dimensional suspended hourglass structure. Manufacturing. With 3D embossed air feeling surface layer, imported SAP polymer instant diversion, 10 layers of three-dimensional water lock system, more than 20,000 nano breathing holes, 4 cutting-edge technologies, as well as feather soft touch, instant suction catheterization, light water lock, dry 4 core functions of breathability. Not only is it environmentally friendly and has no ink, high breathability, soft touch, and high comfort, it also instantly locks the baby ’s loose stools, ensuring dryness, effectively preventing red buttocks, and protecting the baby ’s healthy growth. At the same time, the suspended hourglass core structure increases the absorption area by 40%, which can absorb up and down at the same time, enhance the absorption speed, and reduce the probability of urine leakage. The ingenuity of the most advanced technology is designed to provide the baby with a more comfortable and soft wearing experience and better function of diapers. Brand-new technology, forging the outstanding quality of chrysanthemum! Choosing a chrysanthemum, you do n’t have to worry about your mother. Lavender, better understand the baby, better understand you.

Lamb Chrysanthemum Newborn Diaper NB Code
Olive Chrysanthemum Natural Gentle Diap
Olive Chrysanthemum Natural Moderate Pull-up Pants
Olive Chrysanthemum Natural Gentle Diaper
Lavender and baby soft tissue